Just a reminder of this Wednesday’s Zoning Board meeting at 6:30pm. I hope that many of you will attend this meeting or send letters to the Zoning Board. As you can see from the agenda below, 82 Federal Street is second on the agenda.

I want to thank all of you that have already signed or committed to signing a petition opposing the granting of a Special Permit to allow for operation of a 12-guest non-owner occupied Airbnb-like short-term rental at 82 Federal Street abutting the western property line of the Pierce-Nichols House. Of course, the greatest impact will be on the immediate neighbors so we must get out and support them as best we can. Our Neighborhood has always been about looking at the facts, weighing the risks and benefits and making a decision that we feel is fair and yet preserves the quality of life and historic uniqueness of our Neighborhood.

Jane Arlander