Dear FSNA members:

Residents in the Willows have asked for help from city neighborhood’s in signing a petition they have put together about the new traffic pattern on Fort Ave. There are two ways to sign, just send your name, and address to or simply sign the petition on the Lewinski’s porch 13 Beach Ave. down the Willows, please bring a pen. In addition if you have witnessed a dangerous incident on Fort Ave. please describe it.

Thanks for your help with this

An Open Letter to the Mayor, Police Department and City council of the City of Salem

We the undersigned are very concerned about the confusing traffic pattern implemented approximately 17 months ago on Fort Ave starting at Derby St and ending at Columbus Ave. There have been numerous instances of cars driving in the wrong lane against oncoming traffic. Consequently. we all have either witnessed or experienced near miss collisions as well as automobile and tire damage due to hitting the black and white striped humps. The addition of these traffic humps has compounded the hazard by leaving no leeway if you need to veer off the road to avoid an oncoming vehicle.

We have also observed that, in fact, very few bicycles actually use the designated lanes. The lanes are usually used by pedestrians and occasionally a parked vehicle so the bicyclists end up riding either on the sidewalk or in the street, adding further to the congestion, confusion and danger.

These incidents have been observed on an almost daily basis over the past 17 months and thus we implore the City to act immediately to rectify this hazardous situation before there is a serious collision and people are injured or worse. We would also appreciate notification regarding any discussions as well as allowing us to offer input about the redesign plan.

Attached please find personal accounts of the types of incidents we have observed. We appreciate your immediate attention and action regarding this matter.