BuildingSalemYesterday at 7:46 AM

The City of #SalemMA receives periodic inquiries about ongoing work that is taking up part of the central westbound lane of Bridge Street near the intersection with Washington Street. The work commonly consists of a truck or two, accessing a maintenance hole in the street. Here are some responses to the most frequent questions that have been asked about it:

1. What is going on here?

The developer of 65 Washington Street has been removing concrete from an important drain line that will service the building. To date, their contractor performing the removal (BMC Corp.) has broken through the concrete in the pipe and the drain is operating, but the remaining concrete still needs to be removed.

2. What caused this condition that they need to fix? Was it something that’s been there for a very long time or something recently caused by the new construction?

As a standard condition for any development, the developer is responsible to confirm the City utilities that they are proposing to use have the condition and capacity to accommodate flows (water, sewer, drainage). During their inspection of the drain line, they found the concrete and began the process to remove it. The concrete found was not a direct result of the new construction at 65 Washington Street and has likely been there for a very long time.

3. Who is paying for the work and the police details?

The developer is paying for this work.

4. How much longer will they be there?

The City has not yet been provided a schedule for when BMC Corp. will return to remove the remaining concrete or how long they expect the remaining work to take. When we have that information it will be posted on the BuildingSalem social media pages.

5. Who can I contact with questions?

Contact the City of Salem Engineering Department at (978) 619-5673.