Something for everyone, plan to join in !!

Very First Neighborhood Meet-Up, Tuesday April 30 at  Turners Seafood Restaurant on Church Street 7:00pm.

We’re gathering for casual cocktails and mingling! Come to get to know neighbors and explore the variety of restaurants in Salem. Exciting new location month. Seperate tabs only.

Streetwide Sidewalk Sale -Saturday May 18,  10am-2pm  

Mark you calendars for Saturday May 18th (rain date Saturday May 25th), we’re hosting a street wide yard sale! Are you in need of a spring cleaning? Then set up a table! We would like to make this a festive occasion to promote community, so feel free to get creative! Arts, crafts, house decor, baked goods?, PLANTS! If you do not wish to man a table, we will have a donation table where all proceeds will go to FSNA for further events and anything not sold will be donated.
If you are planning on participating, please respond to this email by the 28th of April. Permits will need to be pulled, they are 10$ per location and need to be pulled at the City Clerk’s office. Feel free to partner with neighbors!

Salem Clean Sweeps Saturday the 4th of May from 9-11am
Lower Beckford Way

Join us by participating in the city wide Clean Sweeps to clean up Bridge Street (from Flint to North). We’ll gather at 9am at Beckford Way to dispense gloves and trash bags. Afterwards head to the common for a pizza party at 11:30!

Traffic Island Garden Sunday 26th of May at 9am In front of Murphy’s Funeral Home

Last year we successfully began a traffic island in front of Murphy’s Funeral Home entirely of donated plants. We’re hoping to keep it going entirely through donations again. If you started seedlings, have extra plants in your garden or feel like picking up an extra plant at the store, please bring them for the traffic island! We can also always use mulch and other garden related items. There will be a drop off table at the Side Walk Sale at 92 Federal Street for anyone who would like to drop them off. Otherwise, if you would like to take place in the planting of the traffic island, please join us on Sunday 21st of May at 9am at the island.