30-year Salem resident, volunteer, and activist Stacia Kraft signaled her intent to challenge Kim Driscoll in this year’s mayoral race when she took out nomination papers this week. On Thursday morning, Kraft arrived at Salem’s City Hall to formally begin her campaign. April 22, also Earth Day, symbolically coincides with Kraft’s platforms which target the preservation of Salem’s most valuable resources.

“In an effort to tackle the serious issues currently threatening Salem’s future, our community, neighborhood diversity, historic architecture, coastal floodplains, and most importantly, the unique and diverse people who make Salem so special, I formally announce my candidacy for Mayor,” said Kraft.

Salem residents may recognize Kraft’s name as the write-in candidate who garnered 35% support in just four weeks against Ward 2 incumbent Christine Madore in 2019’s ward councilor race. Those who do not yet know her however, do know her work. Ms. Kraft is the creative force behind the Not For SALEm Coalition, which has gained immense support all over the city. Some of her numerous other initiatives include the

Derby Square Market (Salem Flea), the Salem Community Gardens, the Plummer Home Garden Project, and the Leslie’s Retreat Celebrations. With a lifelong history of civic engagement, community organizing, and fiscal management, Ms. Kraft has built a strong bipartisan coalition of supporters in an extremely polarized political climate.

While the current administration remains focused on real estate development and growth, Kraft aims to highlight better planning oversight, meaningful affordable housing solutions, public education, environmental conservation, cultural heritage, improved local transportation and governmental transparency.

“Salem is at a crossroads, and there are a growing number of citizens who feel their voices are not being heard and their positions are not being represented. I am not running for Mayor because I have political aspirations. I am running because I love this city, but I see us losing everything that makes it so special. I want Salem to progress thoughtfully, in a way that benefits those of us who call it home.”

To learn more about Stacia Kraft for Salem or to support this grassroots campaign, please visit www.staciakraft.com