I attended the Neighborhood Pre construction Meeting last evening at the City Hall Annex to review and discuss construction work to be done on Federal Street, between Flint Street and Kelleher Way.

Beginning on Monday, March 18, 2019, the City of Salem will be replacing a portion of the sewer line that lies along the north side of Federal Street between Flint Street and Kelleher Way. According to David Knowlton, the City Engineer, this portion of the sewer line is in very poor condition and breaking apart. There have been a number of sewer backups in homes on Federal, Fowler and North Pine Streets.

To replace the sewer line on Federal Street, the construction crew will excavate an 8 to 9 foot-wide trench, approximately 300 feet long, running along the north side of Federal Street between Flint Street and Kelleher Way. The construction job will be done by Granese Construction in conjunction with New England Engineering Company, both Salem-based companies with easy accessibility for questions. The job on Federal Street is expected to take 2 weeks.
Construction hours will typically run from 7am until 3:30pm, weather permitting.

For the most part, Federal Street will be open for vehicular traffic during the construction. A police detail will be present. On 2 occasions the City will have to close Flint Street but residents will be assisted to gain access to their homes. There will be no parking on either side of Federal Street in the construction area. Fortunately, only two households ( total of 2 cars) in this area do not have off street parking.

For all residents worried about rats, Granese Construction will bait the area for rat control prior to actual construction. The bait is inspected periodically during and after the project by the construction crew.

During construction, the large excavator and other equipment being used will be stored on Federal Street at the end of each work day.
Please keep this in mind as you drive on this section of Federal Street.

Please note that the City will NOT be replacing any gas lines on Federal Street although these lines may be in/near the construction site.

Important contact persons for the Federal Street project are as follows:

  1. Tom Duffy, Resident Project Engineer – Tom will be onsite every day Cell: 978-973-6538
    Email: tduffy@engineeringcorporation.com
  2. Steve Granese, Project Superintendent for Granese Construction Cell: 781-592-8121

Please note that the City will be replacing the sewer, gas and water lines on Fowler Street sometime in April or May. This is a significantly larger project that will take 3 months to complete. It involves use of a temporary water line that sits on the sidewalk and hooks up to the residences of Fowler Street.

Finally, the City will be replacing only the sewer line on North Pine Street. When I say replace, I should clarify that the City will be using a new engineering technique to thread a new pipe liner through the existing sewer line. This process requires minimal construction work.

Since no one from Fowler or North Pine Street attended last night’s meeting, I will attempt to contact friends on Fowler Street and send them some information to disseminate. If any of you know anyone that lives on Fowler or North Pine Streets please do the same.

I will send out a PDF from the City Engineering Department to post on the FSNA Website.

Thank you all.

Jane Arlander
FSNA Development Committee