This Valentine’s Day at 7pm,the City Council will meet to pass a zoning overlay that will expedite big development in Salem. Of course, most of you will be having dinner with your valentine, but whether you can attend or not we encourage you to email a valentine to the councillors letting them know that you DO NOT support this in its current form.

The dimensional recommendations are completely out of scale with the neighborhoods.

The recommended density for new construction is 5 stories, 55 ft in height & 50% lot coverage. 

This is 15-30 times denser than allowed in the existing neighborhood zoning.

This ordinance will potentially create years of unintended consequences.

Here are their e-mails,

Arthur Sargent’; ‘Domingo J. Dominguez’; ‘Elaine Milo’; ‘Robert McCarthy’; ‘Christine Madore’; ‘Lisa Peterson’; ‘Timothy Flynn’; ‘Josh Turiel’; ‘Beth Gerard’; ‘Steve Dibble’; ‘Ilene Simons’