The Salem Board of Health today issued an order requiring the use of face coverings by members of the public when entering a grocery store, picking up food from a restaurant, or entering other essential businesses that is currently open. Read the complete order at It is also attached to this update.

The order also, among other actions, (a) requires face coverings be worn by any employee interacting with the public, (b) requires face coverings be worn by any resident of a multi-unit residential property when in a common space, and (c) extends the state’s order limiting the number of people in a grocery store to also apply to all other open retail establishments.

As there is currently a local state of emergency, the Salem Police shall fine those caught littering masks, gloves, or other potentially virus-contaminated items under both the City’s anti-littering ordinance (Section 24-9) and the public nuisance ordinance (Section 24-24), as such actions intentionally and recklessly “create a hazardous or physically offensive condition” to the public. Fines for each violation of both ordinances will be imposed on violators, for a total potential fine of $100 for a first offense, $300 for a second offense, and $600 for a third offense.

The City of Salem, in partnership with many of the city’s historical organizations and preservation partners, is launching a Salem Together history page at This new page will share stories every Monday, starting on April 13th, that draw on Salem’s rich history to show how the community has come together throughout uncertain times in the past.

The City of Salem has launched an Economic Development Recovery and Revitalization Task Force to support the local business community as it works to recover from the COVID-19 outbreak and the ensuing economic challenges. The group is meeting twice weekly to determine short- and long-term needs for the business community and strategize revitalization efforts. The Task Force will provide regular updates to the business community regarding available opportunities, assistance, and best practices. The Task Force today issued an update following its recent Coronavirus Impact Survey. Read the update here:
Salem Mayor Kim Driscoll and Health Agent David Greenbaum will provide a COVID-19 update to the City Council and the public at the start of tonight’s City Council meeting at 7pm, Thursday April 9th. Find out how to watch or listen along by viewing the meeting information on the first page at… or follow the meeting on SATV Channel 22.