There have been a growing number of rat sightings in the area. These likely have to do with last year’s mild winter, the extensive construction work on the North River and Bridge Street, as well as the long period of infrastructure replacement on Fowler, North Pine and upper Federal Street.
Here are some useful tips to minimize any potential rat problems including:

  • Report any sightings to the Board of Health, 978-741-1800
  • Keep property tidy (remember to care for the back, front and sides of your property)
  • Make sure all trash cans/bins have no holes and that lids are secure
  • Make sure composting bins are properly maintained and secured
  • Do not leave food out unattended, and this includes pet food!
  • Harvest ripe fruits and vegetables; don’t let them fall to the ground
  • Pick up any animal waste
  • Remove “hiding places” including heavy vegetation close to the house, wood piles (raise them to 18” off the ground), and debris
  • For your own peace of mind, check your home for any holes around the foundation and fill them