Members of the FSNA Traffic Committee and other community members have drafted a letter (attached) expressing concerns about the concurrent traffic signalling at the intersection of Essex and North streets (where the Witch House is). The current set-up allows vehicles to turn while pedestrians are crossing, creating a dangerous situation.
If you agree with the concerns expressed in the letter, we ask that you give permission for your name to be added to it. A response to this email will be sufficient for that purpose. Please respond ASAP, as the letter will be sent by this evening to the Traffic & Parking Commission (giving them plenty of time to read it before Thursday’s meeting).
Members plan to attend this Thursday’s 6:30 p.m. online meeting (in fact, members of the FSNA traffic committee asked to be added to the agenda but were told no, so instead plan to speak during the public-comment portion). We encourage all who are interested to do likewise.
There is no agenda posted as yet, but details will be available here: