With very short notice, during this holiday week, a meeting has been scheduled for a newly proposed zoning ordinance.

Purpose:  The purpose of this amendment is to create a new zoning overlay that addresses the reuse of 4 historical buildings in Salem. St Anne’s School, Immaculate Conception School, the Senior Center on Broad St, and St James School – right here on Federal St.

Intent: The idea is to pave the way for developers to adapt these historic buildings, and repurpose them as housing, while preserving the historic buildings.

Reality:  Although its intentions are good, the ordinance is too broad. As it is written:

  • Projects in this zone are exempted from the historical commission.
  •   New additions and new buildings can be added without regard to size,  setback, or height. (i.e. Rantoul St in Beverly today)
  •   Sites would go from R2 to R3, which is far less restrictive allowing this such as Hotels, Retail‐wholesale supply establishments, Nursing or convalescent homes, or even Wind Energy facilities.
  •   This zone could be applied at will, anywhere in the city as long as the building it is at least 50 years old.


Please plan to attend the meeting, and voice your concerns.

Monday, July 9, 2018, 6:00PM (NEW) City Hall Annex
98 Washington St
First Floor Public Meeting Room