Please attend and voice your opinion at the meeting at City Hall

Thanks to everyone who joined us for our informational meeting about the MRAROD yesterday!
Great questions and discussion!
As we said, we encourage everyone to attend Thursday’s City Council meeting. If you sign up in the City Clerk’s office before 6:30 p.m., you will have an opportunity to voice your concerns during the limited public comment period at the beginning of the meeting.
Whether you can attend or not, we encourage you to write to the councillors!
Below is a sample letter and the email addresses of the councillors (excepting Tom Furey, who has no email):
I am writing about the Municipal and Religious Adaptive Reuse Overlay District ordinance because I support the reuse of historic buildings, and specifically the three school buildings currently being considered for reuse. However, in its current form, the ordinance should not be passed.
The Planning Board’s recommendations for large 5-story, 55-foot high new construction should not be accepted. The dimensional recommendations are completely out of scale with the neighborhoods where these buildings are located, and the dimensions do not represent the wishes of the many residents who have spoken at the public hearings.
The density that would be allowed for new construction is 15 or 30 times that allowed in the underlying neighborhood zoning and is too high.
Further, the definition of eligibility as presently written is so broad that many potential sites could be included that are not consistent with the intent of the ordinance.
Zoning is complex and long lasting Please take the time to approve an ordinance that does not potentially create years of unintended consequences.

Arthur Sargent’; ‘Domingo J. Dominguez’; ‘Elaine Milo’; ‘Robert McCarthy’; ‘Christine Madore’; ‘Lisa Peterson’; ‘Timothy Flynn’; ‘Josh Turiel’; ‘Beth Gerard’; ‘Steve Dibble’; ‘Ilene Simons’

Federal Street Neighborhood Association