How To Use This Site

Welcome to the FSNA webpage!  We’ve updated our site to add some new features.  If you’re not familiar with navigating a blog, read the suggestions below:

FSNA News: The most recent post will appear on the opening page, with recent posts below it.  Click on any of these to read the full article.  You can add comments or questions to any post by logging into the site and registering with your email.  You can also subscribe to an RSS feed (click the link in the Meta section of the menu) that will notify you whenever a new piece of information is posted.

Finding What You Need: To find topical information about FSNA, use the menu on the right of your screen. There are several ways to navigate the site.  Look at the menu on the right of the screen.  Here is what it does:

  1. Search…type a word or phrase you’re interested in and click “Go.”  Any item on the site that relates to your search will show up on the page.
  2. Recent Posts…gives titles of items added most recently to FSNA News.
  3. Recent Comments…gives titles of people’s comments on FSNA News items.  You can comment on any post once you’ve registered on the site (see login at the bottom of the menu).
  4. the month you’re interested in and you’ll get all the news from that month.
  5. Categories…we’ll try to categorized most of the FSNA News by topic, so if you’re interested in something particular–Salem Oil & Grease, for example–click that category, and you’ll see all the related news items.
  6. Meta…Here is where you login/logout of the site (so you can post comments), and where you can subscribe to RSS feeds for the FSNA News and/or FSNA News comments.  Subscribing to an RSS feed means you’ll be notified when a new item is posted on the site.  If you have a google homepage, for example, the RSS subscription sets up a box that displays recent posts and links you to the website.

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