Happy Patriots Day to All

Yesterday, there were a lot of visitors to Salem. I suspect many had come to Boston for the Marathon but were taking trips to Salem.
A large walking tour came down Federal Street Court lead by a young female guide. Once the tour reached Federal Street, the tour guide announced that ” this is Federal Street but all of the buildings have been turned into apartments and condos”. The statement took me off guard in that the implication was that the beautiful buildings on Federal Street were no longer worthy historically because they have been converted into apartments and condos. I couldn’t disagree more. Yes, Federal Street is NOT Chestnut Street. Federal Street is better! The Federal Street Neighborhood has an extraordinary engaged group of neighbors that care about the environment, the schools, good development, supporting the downtown business district, historic preservation, providing affordable housing and maintaining a high quality of life in all of Salem’s neighborhoods and their own neighbors! Of course, the Federal Street Neighborhood didn’t just happen. It has been nurtured and defended time after time by the many dedicated families and individuals that just happen to live in the homes, apartments and condos on Federal Street. No question, some of our causes and campaigns have created resentment and criticism. Despite this, we have been fortunate to maintain our close sense of community. Furthermore, we have gained the respect of many other Salem neighborhoods which often turn to us for help and guidance to deal with their issues.

Jane Arlander