82 Federal Street Special Permit

Good Evening to All,

The Federal Street neighbors did an amazing job presenting their case at tonight’s Zoning Board meeting as to why a Special Permit should not be granted to the Property Manager of 82 Federal Street to operate a non-owner occupied Airbnb-type rental. Many in the neighborhood spoke passionately and eloquently including Schwartz, Francis Flaherty, Jennifer Firth, Dick Lindeman, Connie Arlander, Carol Carr, Darlene Melis and John Carr. Jim McAllister even wrote an amazing letter explaining how he was initially neutral on the issue but after experiencing several weekends of living next door this guest house he learned that all kinds of unimaginable nuisances can occur that degrade the quality of life in a neighborhood.

I want to personally thank all 42 neighbors who signed on to the “Petition in Opposition”. I believe the Zoning Board got our message which is, we love our neighborhood. In fact, it was great to hear one Board Member say, “I am for the neighborhood”.

Happy Easter to all.

Jane A.