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Snow emergency starts at noon TODAY. Salem schools will be closed. 
North Shore braces for blizzard. 

The mayor needs eight of 11 councilors to approve the Gateway Center at the corner of Boston and Bridge. Three councilors voted no in 2009. If they maintain this position, the project would end. The Council votes next Thursday, Feb. 14.
ISO New England, which manages the electrical grid for the region, allowed the new power plant owners to take part in an energy auction this week. It is a signal that additional generation from the Salem plant will be needed in 2016 and beyond to ensure energy reliability in northeast Massachusetts. 
Mayor Kim Driscoll has named local environmentalists, community representatives and elected officials to an advisory board on the redevelopment of the Salem Harbor Station power plant. 
The City of Salem has an opening for an economic development planner. This is notable given all the development projects in the works. 
SNA Treasurer Peter Eschauzier came across this interesting YouTube video about aging buildings. It looks at the Beverly Depot’s railway hotels, profiles neglected historic buildings that have been restored, and revisits Beverly’s railroad past.